One Day of Service

Calling all Scouts, Cub, Boy, Girl, Adults, and Crew, One Day of Service is coming to Camp Lakota soon. The date is November 8th, and as always you can camp for free that weekend, and get a free lunch if you help with clean up. Come out for the weekend or just the day. It does not matter how much time you put in, anything is appreciated. This is an opportunity to give back to our host camp and help make it better. So come out and enjoy a day of service, not only making our camp better, but also spending the day out in the fresh air.
Registration is on Double Knot.

Exploring District News

The Exploring District Key 3 welcomes a new Unit Commissioner for Law Enforcement posts, Mr. Greg MacMorran of Buffalo Grove, IL. Greg was a Police Exploring as a youth, and brings to our district a wide wealth of experience and expertise. Welcome Greg!

In Memoriam

Mary Helen Slater, the beloved wife of long time BSA district volunteer John Slater passed away.

Kenneth T. Niebuhr of Scout Troop 6 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Des Plaines Veteran passed away. Ken was a Veteran Scouter of many years in the NWSC, a Vigil Member of the Order of the Arrow and still serving youth and Scouting as the Chartered Organization Rep for Scout Troop 6 and Venturing Crew 6 in Des Plaines.

The North Woods District was saddened to hear of the sudden death of Scout leader and volunteer Jeff DesJarlais of BSA Scout Troop 140. Active with both Troop 140 and Crew 140 Jeff assisted with aquatics programs in the units and held the distinction of being a trained BSA Lifeguard.

“And now, may the Great Master of All Scouts be with us, until we meet again.”

New Microsoft Workshops!

The following workshops for Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts will be held at the Microsoft Retail Store in Woodfield. Details, registration and payment information can be found by visiting the calendar and clicking on the event you would like to register for. Registration and payment is on-line only (by check or credit card; no additional convenience fee will be charged).

Computer Belt Loop: September 6 & September 27
Photography Belt Loop: September 7 & October 5
Video Game Belt Loop: September 13 & October 11
Astronomy Belt Loop: September 14 & September 21

Astronomy Merit Badge: August 3 & September 20
Moviemaking Merit Badge: August 9 & October 4
Digital Technology Merit Badge: August 16 & September 25
Photography Merit Badge: August 17 & October 25
Game Design Merit Badge: August 23 & October 12
Programming Merit Badge: August 31 & October 18


Registration is now open on Double Knot for the 2014/15 OKPIK Cold Weather Camping Course at

Okpik Boy Scout camping is a fun, all season activity. So why stop the fun just because of some snow? Snow adds to the fun IF you are prepared... and that's where OKPIK comes in.

Okpik has two aims:
• To train the individual to BE PREPARED and be able to enjoy the outdoors and a camping experience in cold weather (any temperature below 50-degrees, and let's face it, its not always warm and dry when Scouts camp).
• To train the trainer. We want to train Scout leaders and experienced Scouts in the unique skills of cold weather camping so that they can take the knowledge and skills they have learned on the course and bring them back to their units. Ultimately, we want to see all Scout units extend their camping season to all 12 months of the year. Check the Okpik web page at for complete information.

OKPIK Course Dates (also found on the NWSC Calendar):
Oct. 19 - Nov. 2 - Nov. 16 - Dec. 7 (2014) - Jan. 10-11 (2015) ( Okpik Flyer )

Sign up for OKPIK at

'Go to the Okpik web page at
'Contact the Course Director Samuel Jung via email at

Non Semper Erit Aestes
"It Ain't Always Going To Be Summer"

The 2014 Popcorn Cup!

Unit Kernel Training & Kickoffs are just around the corner!

Unit Kernel trainings will take place on:

Saturday August 2, 2014 - Gary RailCats Stadium, Diamond Club (One Stadium Plaza - Gary, IN 46402)
Saturday, August 9, 2014 - Schaumburg Boomers Stadium, Picnic Area (1999 Springinsguth Rd - Schaumburg, IL 60193)

THERE IS NO CHARGE TO ATTEND THE TRAINING, we just need to know that you are coming so we can have supplies for you. RSVP for the training online or email your RSVP to Please include your name, email, phone number, council, unit number, and which training you will attend with your RSVP if emailing.

After the training, we invite the rest of your unit to join us for Scout Night and Popcorn Kickoff at the ballpark. There’ll be fun, interactive activities for Scouts to get excited and learn about selling popcorn and a chance to cheer on the home team! Tickets are only $5/each. Bus transportation is available for an additional fee.

Aug 2 Gary RailCats Scout Night Flyer | Aug 9 Schaumburg Boomers Scout Night Flyer

For more information, visit or download Kernel Training & Kickoffs flyer.

Video Contest! Enter for a chance to sell popcorn to the Blackhawk’s Coach Q!
Scouts can submit a 60 second or less video showcasing their best popcorn sales pitch! Four Scouts, one from each council, will be chosen to be a part of this elite "Final Four" Sales Team and be able to participate in the "Ceremonial 1st Buy" to Coach Q of the Chicago Blackhawks in September! Get the director’s cut done early, all entries are due September 1, 2014! Visit for all of the details on how to enter!

Sign up for the sale!
If your unit is selling popcorn this year, please sign-up TODAY!

Signing up to sell:
• Allows us to set up your unit kernel in the Trails End system (they must reset their password every year)
• Ensures that we will have a popcorn packet with materials for your unit
• Qualifies your Scouts to participate in the 2014 Popcorn Cup Video Contest (and have the chance to win the opportunity to sell popcorn to the Blackhawk’s Coach Q!)

It's easy and it only takes a moment! Fill out the online sign-up form or download the printable form to sign up now!


If you have any questions about the 2014 Popcorn Sale, reach out to the popcorn department at or visit our unit resource page:

Northwest Suburban Council
Distinguished Citizen Banquet

The Cotillion
360 Creekside Dr.
Palatine, Illinois
Sunday, November 2, 2014
6:00p.m. Registration & Reception
7:00p.m. Dinner & Program

August 2014 Drumbeat

How To Submit An
Article For The Drumbeat

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The following is a two-month listing of NWSC Events and Training Courses . Additional details and Council Committee dates may be found on the Council Website and Calendar.

August Events:
7/27-8/2 - Napowan Summer Camp Wk. 7
7/31-8/3 - Webelos Resident Camp
1-3 - Twilight Camp in Wheeling
2 - Popcorn Kickoff w/Gary Railcats
7-10 - Boy Scout STEM Camp @ Lakota
9 - Popcorn Kickoff w/Schaumburg Boomers
9 - BSA Coin Collecting MB Workshop
14-17 - Cub Scout Resident Camp #3
21 - Council Executive Committee Mtg.
22-24 - Family Camping #4 - Farming
23 - Popcorn Show and Sell Orders due.
23 - Life to Eagle Seminar
23 - NESA Day at Arlington Park

August Training:
15-17 - Wood Badge – 1st Weekend
18-20 - Cub Scout Recruiting

September Events:
1 - LABOR DAY – NWSC Office closed
5-7 - OA Fall Weekend
6 - Scout Day at University of Illinois
13 - Popcorn Show-n-Tell Distribution
15 - Scout 50 Bike Ride
18 - Executive Board Meeting
27 - Explore Scouting - Lakota

September Training:
13-15 - Wood Badge #2 Weekend
17 - Cub Scout Specifics
22 - Cub Scout Advancement
27 - Scout-to-Life Seminar

Burnt Offerings

On a monthly basis, we'll try to present recipes that are "doable" on Scout campouts. With supervision from adult leaders, the Scouts will gain confidence, have some fun cooking and may even end up with some great tasting meals!

Adult leaders: Please exercise proper supervision during Scout food/fire preparation, i.e., safe food storage, hygiene; secure cooking area, heavy-duty gloves, water buckets, waste disposal, etc.

This month, “Offerings” brings you a basically German recipe for a year-round breakfast primarily made with oats and ground meats, i.e., pork sausage or a combo of pork and beef. It was brought America by German settlers, many of whom made Cincinnati their home. It is still very popular there and surrounding counties.

Goetta is an ideal for a Scout breakfast since it is simple to prepare, is made of ahead of the campout, easy to fix and tastes great along with some eggs.

Goetta (Get-uh)

Grandma Margie’s version
(Serves 12 - 16) – Prepare a day or two before the campout and refrigerate

Burnt Offerings
. Lb. pork sausage
. 8 cups water
. 4 cups oats
. Salt to taste (about 2 Tsp.)
Burnt Offerings
1. In a large pot, boil water, oats and salt.
2. Fry sausage while water is being heated…or ahead of time.
3. Add crumbled sausage to oats and stir occasionally until oats thicken, about 10 min.
4. Pour oats/sausage into two (2) bread loaf pans and let cool. Cover and store in refrigerator.
5. To serve, cut a slice/s about “ thick and fry over med. heat until slightly brown.
6. Serve hot with Maple syrup (and eggs).

*Could add a few strips of fried bacon crumbles for added flavor. Also, consider 2 Tbs. of sugar and 2 Tsp. of vanilla to #3 above.

Although it’s a traditional a breakfast food, goetta is served often with apple butter, ketchup, mustard, syrup, grape jelly, honey, or eaten by itself.
Since it is precooked, the goetta loaves may be kept in the freezer. Recipe may be reduced to .

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