Friends and fellow Scouters, this will be the last beat for the Drumbeat. As a result of the recent Council merge creating the Pathway to Adventure Council, the Drumbeat has been told to cease publication.

Readers are encouraged to visit the Pathway to Adventure Council website at http://pathwaytoadventure.org. Readers are asked to submit an event/announcement they would like to see in the new council e-newsletter, please fill out the form found at:


It has been my honor and privilege to serve as editor of the Northwest Suburban Council newsletter for the past eight years. I hope we accomplished our goal of keeping Council Scouters informed regarding Council events along with articles of interest pertaining to Scouting subjects. Additionally, I had the honor of working on the Council Newsletter, the Northwest Suburban Council Leader Guide for over 12 years.,

My sincere thanks go to Carl Laub and Tom Nelson. Both gentlemen have provided an immense amount support and inspiration throughout the years. Without their input and assistance, none of this would have been possible. A very special thanks has to go to Jan Heidemann. For many years this remarkable lady was the primary factor in the printing and distribution of the Council newsletters. Thank you also to all the supporters of the Drumbeat for your continued interest and support of the newsletters over the years. I will miss hearing from you and reading about your Scouting endeavors.

Goodbye, God Bless and Good Scouting to you all. May the Spirit of Scouting remain with us all till we meet again.

Marty Schultz

NWSC final Annual Dinner - Save the Date!

Annual Dinner

The last NWSC annual dinner, featuring the Silver Beaver Awardees, will be held Sunday, May 31 from 4:30 to 8 pm at Retro Bistro 1746 W Golf Rd, Mount Prospect. Mark your calendars now for a fantastic 3 course meal for only $40! Come and share the fun as Silver Beaver awards, SuperNOVA awards and other special awards are highlighted and join in the fellowship Scouters so enjoy. Space is limited to the first 100 diners.

Details and registration will be available soon on the council and NWSC service area calendars.

Save the Date

Remember: your mile swim? … the rifle range?....the trading post?.… your favorite campsite?.... the mess hall?....the “wonderful” fire bowl skits?

Many great memories!

Relive some of these terrific summer camp experiences at the

Napawon Reunion Weekend
July 24 – 26, 2015

Alumni Chairman Jonathan Howe and his committee are planning some fun festivities for this Friday-night-through-Sunday-morning, first-ever event at your favorite boyhood camp. More details will be coming. If you did not receive your "Save the Date" post card invitation, please contact: Peggy.Thompson@Scouting.org

What Makes NYLT Meals?

Flap jacks for breakfast? No, but French Toast might be on the menu. What do you eat at NYLT? The food is all easy to prepare, the menus should be somewhat familiar, and we’ll even make lunch for you on several days! Breakfast might be cereal, bagels, or French toast. Lunch is hot dogs or sloppy jo's. Dinner could be chicken, hamburgers, or mac n cheese. Cracker barrel every evening means there is plenty to eat. You will need a fire for cooking or dish washing so brush up on those skills – no stoves. You won’t have to be a lumber jack – there is wood in camp for your use. You will get everything you need to make nutritious meals, just like a weekend campout. Come on out for the food and stay for the training. You won’t regret it! To register, find the link on the council calendar on June 21, 2015 and follow the course NYLT-PTAC on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NyltNwsc

Wood Badge – C7-751-15

• Do you want to be a better leader at home, at work, or in Scouting?
• Do you want to form lifelong friendships?
• Do you want that ultimate experience?

Wood Badge is BSA’s premier advanced training in leadership and team development. It provides participants with new skills and resources, greater confidence, and a deeper dedication to deliver the values of Scouting to their units. Wood Badge strengthens every volunteer's leadership skills and their abilities to work with and lead groups. Join us at Camp Sol R. Crown: 8/14-16 and 9/12-14. Click here for more details. Register now!


Link for here: www.whatiswoodbadge.com

Link for Register: http://pathwaytoadventure.doubleknot.com/event/1610420

April 2015 Drumbeat

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Burnt Offerings

As noted in Marty Schultz’s editorial, this is the last issue of Drumbeat, the monthly newsletter of the Northwest Suburban Council. And with it, the “coals” for Burnt Offerings are being extinguished.

But, before the last glimmer dies, I wish to convey my thanks to Marty who, as Editor for the last 6 years, waited patiently to receive my near-deadline articles (sometimes the recipe didn’t work the first time)… and to Tom Nelson for his monthly formatting of Drumbeat from multi-NWSC-contributors. He never missed the publishing deadline, the 1st of each month, even though he was up to 2-3 AM the night before formatting late article submissions.

Perhaps unknown to many, Tom is now into his 17th year as NWSC’s webmaster.

Thanks also to those who shared recipes with this column.

I hope many of you tried some of “Offerings” recipes. If you would like to see a complete listing of Burnt Offerings’ recipes published since NWSC’s newsletter went electronic in 2008, click here. The list will be available until August 2015 when the site will be deactivated.

Thanks for reading…..and…..have fun camping and cooking!!!

Carl Laub

To download any or all of the following recipes, go to Drumbeat "Archives" and click on the desired month. Highlight the Burnt Offerings article and copy. Have fun cooking --- Camping!

June --- Texas Toast & Sausage
July --- Dutch Oven Chart
Aug. --- Aluminum foil cooking
Sept. -- Taco Lasagna
Oct. --- Guadalupe Chili Pie
Nov. --- Camp Bread
Dec. --- Apple Crisp Delight

Jan. --- Retort cooking
Feb. --- Hearty Tortillini Soup
Mar. -- Grandma Vera Beans
April -- Corn Bread - Sausage Chili – Essence
May --- Polynesian Chicken
June -- Monkey/Gorilla Bread
July -- Breakfast Burritos & Camper’s Lamb Quarter Sauce
Aug. -- Gobbler Foil Dinner
Sept --- Hot Chick Granny Smith
Oct. --- Crabby Alfredo
Nov. -- Easy Cheese Nachos
Dec. -- White Chili & Jalapeno Cracking Corn Bread

Jan. --- Breaded DiJon Pork Chops & Corn Bread
Feb. --- Nacho Chicken
Mar. -- Impossible Quiche
April -- Ham and Cheese Turn-overs
May -- Navajo Fry Bread
June -- Rio Bravo (Taco) Lasagna
July -- Strawberry Bread
Aug -- 4-D Chicken
Sept -- Dachshund Reubens
Oct. -- Sausage Gravy
Nov. -- Schooner Pack Chili
Dec. -- John Marzetti and Spicy Beef and Pasta Casserole

Jan. -- NWSC Hudson Bay Bread
Feb. -- Swedish Pancakes & Hot Jalapeno Crab Dip
Mar.-- Chicken Pot Pie
April - German Potato Salad & link to easy peeling
May -- One Pot All-American Steak Dinner
June -- Camp-0-Ree Recipes
July – Mild Chili Dip NW
Aug. -- Sweet Potatoes and Apples
Sept. -- Chicken and Sour Kraut
Oct. -- Fish-N-chips
Nov. -- 1 Pot Steak Dinner
Dec. --- Smoky Cowpoke Pie

Jan --- Burgonoodle
Feb. -- Oven Baked French Toast
Mar. - Potato Casserole
April - Upside Down Salsa Cornbread
May -- Savory Dinner Rolls
June - Apple Tort
July -- The Cruncher
Aug -- Steven’s Raspberry Cream Pie
Sept -- Steven’s Raspberry Cream Pie
Oct. - Rio Bravo Lasanga
Nov. – Mountain Man Breakfast
Dec. – Scout McMuffin Breakfast

Jan. – Apple Walnut Sticky Buns
Feb. - Chicken Wellington
Mar. – Greek Lasanga
April - Zagorski’s Cherry Pie
May - Mexican Lasanga
June – Garlic Potatoes and Ham
July – Dutch Oven Chicken Pot Pie
Aug. – Scout McMuffin Breakfast
Sept. –Texas Toast for Youth
Oct. – Blueberry-Pecan French Toast
Nov. – Ham and Mushoom Quiche
Dec. - Brown Walnut Bread

Jan. - Asian Orange Chicken (T-32 Camp Out Recipe)
Feb. – Porcupine Meatballs
Mar. – Breaded Dijon Pork Chops
Apr. -- Salsa, Summer Pasta and Cucumber Salad (T-32 Eagle Project)
May -- Polynesian Chocolate Éclair Cake
June - Italian Fried Chicken
July –- Dutch Oven Chili
Aug. -- Goetta
Sept. - Chicken Noodle Nest
Oct. -- Apple Pecan Baked Oatmeal
Nov. -- Cincinnati Chili
Dec. -- Campsite Italian Cheesy Dinner Rolls

Jan. -- Chicken-n-Noodles (Dutch Oven Style)
Feb. -- Dutch Oven Apple Flaugnarde
Mar. -- Jalapeno Poppers